Heitor de Bittencourt is a physicist and open-source enthusiast.

me with Shiva :D He got his Bachelor (2017) and Master of Science (2021) in Physics by the University of São Paulo, Brazil, with an exchange (2015-2016) in Helsinki University, Finland. Currently, he is a Senior Python Engineer at Kobe.

Previous research and experience include:

  • Geometric and Image Processing for Body Evaluation (2011 - 2012);
  • Numerical Simulations for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (2013 - 2015);
  • CERN researcher for Data Preservation and Open Access (2018);
  • Python Developer at Itera (2019 - 2020).

During his free time, he is a co-organizer of technological groups of São Carlos - Brazil: grupy-sanca (Python users group) and sancaLUG (Linux users group).

His CV is available here, and also in LinkedIn.

He has a passion for photography and pretends he knows something about it. He enjoys walking around cities, mountains and forests to take pictures. Most of them are not published anywhere but some are in his Flickr account.

Heitor is also a music enthusiast. From the sweetness of Tchaikovsky’s ballets, to the nastiness of Sepultura and also the uniqueness of Heilung’s experiments. He appreciates a composer that can use the contrast of these styles in the same song.

Feel free to get in touch :) He'll try to answer you "shortly"! Your options (and/or scan the qr code below):

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  • email: heitorpbittencourt [at] gmail [dot] com. The pgp fingerprint is 295E 499C 134B 4C0B 642D DFAB C591 DE99 BDDC BBD2 and the pub key is here.
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